• Offer ATF eForms which makes the process of owning a NFA item quicker and easier than ever
  • We have a kiosk for the Silencer Shop set up in our store
  • All of our silencers in store come from the Silencer Shop

SS Outfitters Will Help You Find The Perfect Silencer For You

Serving Clients in Levelland & The Greater Lubbock, TX Area

Even if you've gotten used to the sound of your gun, there are plenty of advantages to adding a silencer. A Silencer Can:

Provide better protection for your ears
Allow you to forgo ear protection when you're in the field
Improve your accuracy
Eliminate complaints about excessive noise

You must be 21 years of age and have passed Federal Firearms background check to purchase a silencer.
Visit SS Outfitters today to find a silencer to complement you firearm.

Whether you're in Levelland or the Greater Lubbock, TX area, let SS Outfitters help you Find the perfect silencer for your firearm.

To beginning shooters, the loud report of a weapon when it is fired can be surprising and off-putting. The sound alone can prevent you from firing as accurately as you could, and it can also damage your hearing if you don't wear hearing protection. SS Outfitters in Levelland, TX offers a selection of suppressors to dampen the sound of your weapon, including models from Silencer Co, Thunder Beast and Dead Air. We're just a short distance from Lubbock, TX so come on by and let us help you find the right silencer for you.

We can do all fingerprinting and photos in house. We help with 100% of your silencer paperwork, and can order suppressors that we do not carry for no extra charge.

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