Basic Handgun

Basic Handgun

An Introduction to Handgun Shooting

This course is designed as an introduction for any current handgun owner or prospective handgun owner that wishes to learn the fundamentals of shooting a handgun safely. If you have or are preparing to obtain your License To Carry (LTC), this course can help further develop the skills needed to carry with confidence.

You will receive hands-on instruction regarding several topics imperative for the safe operation of your handgun. These topics include: general safety guidelines, the nomenclature of your handgun, the fundamentals of marksmanship, various types of reloads and how to apply them, common malfunctions and how to clear them, and basic handgun cleaning and maintenance.

This is a one-day course (4-5 hours). You will receive some classroom instruction, demonstration of the various techniques, and you will get to practically apply the information you have learned, on the range. The largest takeaway from this class will be the development of a solid foundation that you can build the rest of your shooting knowledge upon.

Minimal equipment is required for this course, which is listed below. We will provide targets, tables and seating. There will be plenty of breaks and time for any questions to be answered or addressed. This will be a stress-free class that any person should be able to enjoy and improve from.

Equipment List:

  • Handgun
  • Spare Magazines (3 preferred)
  • Ear Protection and Eye Protection
  • 150 rounds of ammunition for your handgun, NO RELOADS OR STEEL CASE AMMO
  • Water, Snacks
  • Any other clothing/gear you need for the weather of the day

There will be an optional portion of the class that will specifically cover the 5 Count Draw Stroke (from a holster). The practical application portion of this will be completed during the last hour of the class. Again, this is optional and will be available to any person attending the class that wishes to participate. This will be a beneficial introduction to a safe and effective draw stroke for any person participating. If you wish to participate in this portion of the class, please reference the additional equipment list below.

Additional Equipment for the 5 Count Draw Stroke portion:

  • A high quality outside the waistband kydex holster or similar holster that does not cave when the handgun is removed.
  • A high quality nylon or leather belt that is rigid enough to support your fully loaded handgun, holster, and spare magazine.
  • An outside the waistband magazine holster.
  • An additional 50 rounds of ammunition for your handgun.

Hot flying brass has a tendency to inconvenience you and your neighbor - please wear range appropriate clothing (ball caps are recommended, loose/baggy/low cut clothing is discouraged, shorts are fine/pants are better). We look forward to training with you!